Residential Architecture Services in Compton

Redefining Home Design

We believe that every home has its own unique story to tell. Our architectural design services focus on telling your story through thoughtful design and planning in the area. Our skilled architects can turn your dream of a modern, classic, or unique building into reality. Just share your vision with us.

We work closely with clients from start to finish, making sure every detail matches their vision and lifestyle. We know a lot about local architecture and building regulations with our years of experience.

We can design your new home to fit in with its surroundings. At the same time, we will ensure that it is both practical and attractive. Let us help you create a home that is as unique as your story.

Expanding Horizons, Enhancing Spaces

When you need more space, our extension services can help you expand and improve your living area. Our architects can help you create more space in your home. They will design an extension that complements your current home. The extension will also make your home more functional and stylish.

From modern glass additions to traditional brick extensions, we tackle each project with creativity and precision. We ensure your new space complements your home's architecture and meets your functional needs.

We are committed to making top-notch extensions throughout the Berkshire Downs. Our goal is to enhance your lifestyle and boost the value of your property. Our extensions are sustainable and of high quality.

Expanding Horizons, Enhancing Spaces

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Modern Comfort

Our renovation services prioritise safeguarding the distinct character and legacy of each property while modernising them to meet contemporary living requirements.

Our architects carefully renovate country homes by restoring original features, improving insulation, and increasing energy efficiency while respecting their historical importance. If you want to renovate an old farmhouse or update a cottage, we will work closely with you. We will create a home that combines classic charm with modern comforts.

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Modern Comfort

Arts & Crafts Architecture: Timeless Elegance, Personalised Design

Explore the charm of Arts & Crafts architecture with Cutler Architecture. We focus on creating homes in the famous style known for handmade details, natural materials, and connection to nature.

Whether you want a cozy country house or an impressive Craftsman-style mansion, we'll help design your home in the RG20 area that suits your style. We will pay close attention to every detail, such as custom woodwork and special finishes. This will help us create a beautiful and long-lasting home for you and your family. You will be able to enjoy this home for many years to come.


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