Residential Architecture in Bucklebury

Refining Home Design

We think every home has its own special story. Our team in the RG7 region focuses on designing homes that bring your story to life. Whether you want a modern, classic, or one-of-a-kind home, our architects can make it happen.

We start with rough ideas and work closely with you until the final touches to make sure everything matches what you want and how you live. We know a lot about the local architecture and rules, so we can make your new home fit in perfectly while also making it functional and beautiful. Let us help you make a home that's as special as your story.

Expanding Horizons, Enhancing Spaces

When your current space isn't enough, our big extension services can help make it better. Whether you need more room to live, cook, or work, our architects will design an extension that fits right in with your home and makes it work better for you.

We can do all sorts of extensions, from modern glass ones to more traditional brick ones. We make sure your new space matches the style of your home and does what you need it to do. We care about making things well and in a way that's good for the environment, so your new extension will make your life better and your property more valuable in Bucklebury.

Expanding Horizons, Enhancing Spaces

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Modern Comfort

We focus on renovating old homes in a way that keeps their unique charm and history intact while also making them more modern and comfortable to live in. Our professional architects take care to restore important features and make the homes more energy efficient. Whether you want to update an old farmhouse or turn a small cottage into a cozy modern home, we work closely with you to create a place that mixes old-fashioned charm with modern comforts.

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Modern Comfort

Arts & Crafts Architecture: Timeless Elegance, Personalised Design

Discover the beauty of Arts & Crafts architecture with Cutler Architecture. We're experts in constructing homes that reflect this renowned style, celebrated for its handcrafted touches, use of natural materials, and connection to the outdoors.

Whether you're dreaming of a snug country cottage or a grand Craftsman-style estate in Woolhampton, we'll work with you to design a home that matches your taste. We'll focus on every aspect, from custom woodwork to unique finishes, ensuring you have a stunning and durable home to cherish for years.


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